In the chemical process industries, several reactions involve the use of pure gas to accomplish desired chemical reactions. Thus, effective gas-liquid contact is of prime importance to achieve optimum results. Often in such processes, the conversion of gas is fairly poor, and a substantial amount of gas leaves the reaction bulk unreacted. The treatment of unreacted gas for reuse or for disposal is expensive in the capital and operating costs and even objectionable due to its toxic nature. In such cases, where it becomes desirable to recycle the unreacted gas back from the reactor vapour-space, a gas induction type impeller system is the most favourable solution.

Material of Construction : SS 316/316L | Duplex Steel | Special Alloy Steel

Applications : Alkylation | Ammonolysis | Chlorination | Carboxylation | Ethoxylation | Hydrogenation | Oxidation

Motor Rating (kW) Shaft Diameter (mm) Operating Pressure
5 - 120 40-250 Full Vacuum to 100 bar

The High-Efficiency Gas Induction Impeller (HEGI), offered by Mixion, consists of a patented* design which helps the induced gas to get well dispersed into the reaction bulk, enhancing the gas-liquid mass transfer rates.

The HEGI impeller is a result of exhaustive research by GMM Pfaudler & its academic affiliates from ICT Mumbai. By virtue of its unique geometry, HEGI can create almost three times higher gas hold up as compared to some of the traditional impeller systems at a given power input/m3. The well-dispersed gas and a higher hold up improve the mass transfer co-efficient improving your overall batch productivity.

Multiple Impeller Systems

Several of these chemical processes are catalytic reactions and involve suspension of a catalyst such as Raney Nickel & Palladium. A uniform suspension of these catalysts is critical to optimum batch yield which is essentially what multiple impeller systems alongside HEGI effectively ensures.

A Complete Reactor Solution

Mixion can offer agitators with both solutions – double mechanical seal with suitable seal plan or a proprietary magnetic seal developed using technology from Mavag AG, GMM Pfaudler’s Swiss subsidiary.

*Patent Application No. 201821028388

Watch how HEGI offers three times higher hold-up


Our Expertise

Our expertise in engineering & manufacturing of critical pressure vessel combined with advanced gas induction & magnetic sealing technology meets all the needs of the chemical process industry. A team of well-trained mechanical engineers can propose an optimized solution for your pressure vessel specifications including the adequacy of heat removal capacity of your reactor as per your process needs.

We can offer reactors designed under various design codes and accreditation like ASME, DIN, AD Markblatt, China Selo, Korean Certification, ASME U, ASME U2, CE & even ATEX.

Our material handling capabilities include welder qualification for various Alloy & low alloy steel grades such as SS 304/304L, 316/316L, SS 321, Duplex/Super Duplex, SS 316Ti, SS 904L, 254SMO, AL6XN, Hastelloy C276, C22, C2000, B2, B3 & Alloy 59, Monel 400, Inconel, Low Alloy Steel (SA 387 Grade 11), SA 516 GR 70, SA 537 CL 1 and Titanium Gr 2.

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