Mavadrive® magnetic mixers are the preferred choice for aseptic processing offered in double impeller or propeller construction mounted eccentrically to tank bottom producing excellent circulation flow.

Mavadrive® provides a hermetically closed containment shell between vessel inside and atmosphere with the use of magnetic field through high-performance samarium-cobalt-magnets ensuring not only a complete replacement for convention shaft but also a guaranteed highest integrity and safety standards.

Mavadrive® is particularly suitable for applications in the following fields

  • Process vessel in upstream/downstream
  • Infusions and Injection solutions
  • Fermentation
  • Bioreactors for cell culture and microbiology
  • Vaccines Production
  • API

Key Design Features

  • Process wetted components are designed to eliminate deposits during the process phase and cleaning cycle besides flooding other CIP
  • The oscillating movement of the agitator's head by a patented counteracting blade
  • The largest gap between the containment shell and agitator head for best possible cleanability

Magnetic Agitators with Multiple Impeller Stages

For very different requirements on fermenter agitation from cell culture to microbiological applications with aeration rates, Mavadrive® can offer a wide range of magnetic agitators, bottom and top entry with a variety of bearing arrangements. Varied impeller geometries can be offered to suit process need such gas dispersion turbine, propeller, wide blade hydrofoils.

Size Torque (Nm) Gap (mm) Welded Flange (mm)
MDB 50 0.5 3.0 60
MDB 100 1.0 3.5 95
MDB 300 3.0 3.5 95
MDB 600 6.0 4.5 120
MDB 1200 12.0 6.0 160
MDB 2500 25.0 6.0 160
MDB 5000 50.0 8.0 230
MDB 7500 75.0 8.0 260
MDB 15000 150.0 8.0 260
MDB 25000 250.0 8.0 260

Application Recommendation

Direction / Type of Flow Axial, Spacious Circulation Flow Radial, Local Limited Recirculation Flow Axial, Spiral Circulation Flow
Installation Eccentric or Centric with Baffles Eccentric or Centric with Baffles Centric without Baffles
Agitator Diameter 100 - 500mm 95 - 400mm 150 - 1000mm
Recommended d/D 0.1 - 0.3 0.1 - 0.3 0.4 - 0.7
Recommended Circumference Speed 3 - 12 m/s 2 - 8 m/s 0.5 - 2 m/s
Max. Vessel Volume 40m3 3.2m3 3.2m3
Max. Vessel Diameter 3000mm 1600mm 1400mm
Basic Operations Homogenize
Heat Transfer
Heat Transfer
Low-Shear Agitator
Heat Transfer
d/D = Agitator Diameter / Vessel Diameter