Customized Fabrication

The agitators may involve design or may have custom requirements to house the motor and gearbox on a base frame. We can design and manufacture such base frames for agitators and mixers which are typically mounted on the mixing tank top.

Small lab-scale mixers which may need to be portable can be offered as a skid design on wheels. With the combinations of trolley mounted tanks, it can be easier for the clients to shift the mixers as per requirements. We can cater to such requirements of skids and base frame manufacturing.

Key Design Features

  • Sturdy design
  • MOC options like MS, SS304, SS316 etc procured from genuine and reliable suppliers

There are agitators which may require some lifting arrangement flexibility so that the vessel underneath could be moved out. Some applications may also ask for flexibility of changing the vertical position of the impellers by lifting the agitator up or down within the vessel.

In such applications, we can provide the lifting arrangements which can be either manual, pneumatic or hydraulic operated. Designs involving single or multiple lifting cylinders can be offered by us. Lifting systems are carefully designed with due consideration of the unbalanced loads and using appropriate guide rails its sliding arrangements.

Key Design Features

  • Sturdy and balanced design
  • Single or multiple cylinder options
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic lifting cylinder options
  • Remote handheld operators’ pendant as option
  • MOC options like MS, SS304, SS316 etc procured from genuine and reliable suppliers

We well understand that at times there could be situations wherein our designs may not suit the clients’ requirement. Hence, we provide the option to our customers to manufacture the products customized to the design requirements specified by the clients.

We are capable of designing, manufacturing, supplying and commissioning customized equipment, pilot plants, small systems setups, etc. We use different design suite for designing vessels and mixers. Our CFD simulator helps verify and authenticate design output results before producing the equipment. This design capability is backed up by good manufacturing set up.

We also manufacture and supply equipment, systems as per customer design or duplicating the existing old equipment in customers end. Our capabilities include, but not limited to, handling a wide range of material of constructions, design and manufacturing of solid / pipe shafts up to 53 ft (16 meters) lengths.

We are capable to execute turnkey systems including peripheral accessories related to mixing systems and process equipment. With the expertise of our group sister concerns, we can offer pneumatic handling systems, air pollution control systems and size reduction equipment.

Some examples of such customization we have executed are

  • Vessels with higher diameters and smaller heights to accommodate in limited height production rooms
  • Agitators with shaft diameters up to 500 mm
  • Retrofit solutions including Impellers