Mechanical Pan Circulator, MIXION – MPAC, is typically used in the Sugar industry to enhance the efficiency of the crystallization process. They can be used for A, B and C massecuites . Mechanical Circulators are installed in vacuum pans in order to reduce boiling time, reduce sugar colour and increase pan yield. It boosts the heat transfer efficiency by inducing a higher rate of heat transfer and evaporation. With an increase in heat transfer coefficient, the strike time reduces up to 30%, which in turn increases the production capacity of the unit.

Advantages of using a Mechanical Pan Circulator include less colour in the sugar, reduced risk of sugar losses by local overheating with low risk of smelting of crystals and reduction in centrifuge wash water consumption. With MPAC there is a possibility of feeding the pan with syrup and molasses, opportunity to utilize lower steam pressure for heating, and a possibility of use of lower pressure vapours resulting in the reduction of steam consumption.

Our designs provide uniform and consistent crystal formation, avoid loss of head and less deposition on the tubes due to abrasion of circulating crystals.

Mixion - MPAC