Batch reactors are the conventional choice for Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) manufacturing. The mixing process reactors and vessels include blending of liquids, dissolution and/or suspension of solids, distillation of solvents, washing, layer separation, reactions, heat transfer, extraction and crystallization.

The traditional approach is to use reactors with anchors, propellers and MP4 - Pitch Blade Turbines which for most applications are inefficient. Rarely is the agitator matched with the process.

Mixion offers Narrow Blade Hydrofoil impellers (MH3/MF3 - Hydrofoil) which offer excellent flow characteristics and generate an axial flow; best suited for above mixing processes. MH3/MF3 impellers not only offer good mixing but are also the most efficient impellers in terms of power consumption.

Casestudy : Power Savings

Over the years, we have successfully replaced traditional impeller systems with MH3/MF3 impellers and benefited various API manufacturing companies. One such example is of an API manufacturing site at Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh which benefitted with massive energy savings as a result of our MH3/MF3 impeller installation.

  • No. of reactor agitators changed: 38
  • Pre-Modification consumed power: 342 kW
  • Post-Modification consumed power: 94 kW

Annual Savings (Rs. Million): ~11
Pay Back <18 months

Mixion - TEMI

MHX - Helical Ribbon
The application of these 38 reactors representing typical API applications and its energy savings are illustrated as under:
Sr. No. Vessel Capacity (m3) Application Installed Power with Anchor (HP) Installed Power with High Efficiency Agitator (HP) Actual Running Hours/Day Actual Saving Unit/Day Pay back in Months
1 2 Dissolution 7.5 3 22 92.5 14
2 3 Grignard Reaction 10 5 22 129.5 10.8
3 5 Solvent Distillation 12.5 5 16.5 105.7 14.2
4 7.5 Solvent Distillation 15 5 23 238.1 7.5
5 8 Layer Separation / Washing 15 5 22 187.9 9.4
6 10 Layer Separation / Washing 15 5 16.5 145.2 14.7

Special Duty Agitators

The API manufacturing also involves a typical dry distillation / co-distillation, where the objective is to distil off base solvent to absolute dryness of solid precipitate. Anchors more often than not aren’t designed with adequate torque to keep mass in motion. Mixion’s MHX-helical impeller is a recommended choice for such demanding mixing.

For instance, at an API manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, Telangana the manufacturing of Metformin HCl had a processing stage where the solvent from reaction mass needed to be stripped off on which anchor agitators weren’t performing. These, once replaced with our MHX impeller, resulted in higher yield and purity of the end product.