Manufacturing of agrochemicals, speciality chemicals and fine chemicals in the chemical process industry (CPI) uses batch, continuous or semi-continuous reactors for blending of liquids, dissolution and/or suspension of solids, reactions, emulsification, heat transfer, extraction, crystallization.

Most widely used agitators for performing mixing duties on these applications are top entry agitators, Mixion - TEMI, and Gas Induction Agitators, Mixion - HEGI.

Mixion offers a wide range of impellers which are selected based on the mixing objective of batch process fluids. The flow controlled mixing processes often use axial flow impellers while radial and mixed flow impellers are often used where phase interaction is required. Process improvements including batch time reduction, increase yield, controlled crystal sizes along with savings in installed and consumed power are possible.

Mixion with its rich experience in dealing with ever demanding requirements of CPI will continue delivering innovative mixing solutions exceeding customer needs.

Mixion Hegi