Biodigesters & Fermenters

Fermentation or bio-digestion process can be enhanced by installing mixers to create efficient flow patterns which can speed up the process. Typical industry applications for fermentation are found in biopharmaceutical, yeast production, breweries, enzymes and protein extractions from hydrocarbons.

Bio-digestors applications are seen in biogas, fertilizers industries, etc. In such applications top entry or side entry mixers or a combination of both types are used. The impeller designs used in these mixers are MH3/MF3 - Hydrofoils and MP4 - Pitch Blade Turbines. For gas dispersion fermentation application, flat blade turbines and high-efficiency curved blade turbines are used.

Typical Process

Oxygen transfer (Aerobic Fermentation)

Process Difficulty

  • The oxygen transfer performance (kLa) is linked to the exchange surface between the gas and liquid phases (higher the number of bubbles, bigger the surface is); the agitator should have a high dispersion capacity
  • Heat Transfer
  • Low shear for certain processes

Agitator Design

Agitation shall also provide the dispersion of the air injected through the sparger inside the liquid, in order to assure the oxygen transfer for the micro-organisms. The agitation contributes to heating and cooling the culture bulk before, during and after the fermentation. Low shear blades with controlled tip speed have to be selected.

Technical Superiority

  • Efficient mixing
  • Hygiene or sanitary options are available based on the process needs with CIP & SIP compatible designs
  • Wide range of MOC like SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, 904L, Hastelloy, Titanium, Special alloys

Key Design Features

  • Rugged heavy-duty design.
  • Mechanical arrangement to ease maintenance activity.
  • Quick-change mechanical seal designs

Other processes include fermenters for pharmaceutical applications, yeast production, brewery, enzyme and protein production.

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